Each month, our organization sent over 1 billion emails. I championed responsive design, a mobile-first approach as well as supporting all email clients with the sheer volume and variation posing an interesting, unqiue challenge.

Working with the Push Marketing Internal Tools team, I successfully leveraged JavaScript and relevant frameworks like React and Angular in building internal tools allowing marketing and product owners to construct, preview and test emails in the browser. This provided for more agility and flexibility while A/B testing design and content for both organizations.

Using services oriented architecture, I assisted in planning and building for scale, performance and reliability. Understanding and working within a global e-commerce stack, determining where my services' relevance fit and integrating it in supporting customer-driven scenarios provided valuable insight and experience.

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Groupon Engineering

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I was also responsible for introducing responsive design and mobile-first development to the team, spearheading the development, maintainence and refactoring of both internal and external facing web portals, as well as a slew of highly scalable and big data services that support Groupon’s global email creation and sending platform. This was an extremely enjoyable challenge, sending over 1 billion emails per month and supporting responsive design in all mobile devices and tablets, while still maintaining relative pixel perfection in older clients such as early Outlook.

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